Omnitracs launches Application That Combines Routing, Complianc


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Omnitracs Launches App That Combines Routing, Compliance

PHOENIX — Omnitracs has launched an application that combines route optimization and regulatory compliance to streamline fleet management, especially for customers with shorthaul and final-mile delivery operations.

The new offering, dubbed Routing, Dispatching and Compliance, or RDC, incorporates the capabilities of Omnitracs’ Roadnet Anywhere and XRS products in a single application, eliminating the need for fleets to manage routing and compliance separately.

Omnitracs purchased XRS Corp. in 2014 and Roadnet Technologies in 2013, shortly after Omnitracs’ spinoff from Qualcomm Inc.

RDC provides route planning and optimization, dispatching, trip management, proof of delivery and compliance with hours-of-service and driver vehicle inspection reports, the company said.

The app is available to drivers on mobile devices and to fleet managers through a web portal.

Omnitracs made the announcement here Feb. 28 at its annual user conference.

By considering both route efficiency and regulatory requirements together, RDC takes “a very holistic view” to solve the broader business problem, said Kevin Haugh, chief strategy and product officer.

For example, the application might dynamically reroute a driver who encounters congestion and is running behind schedule to prevent a potential hours-of-service violation.

“Many fleets find it very difficult to effectively balance needs around route efficiency, driver safety and compliance and customer service,” Haugh said. “With RDC, managers and drivers can easily balance their business needs by having a comprehensive perspective on all aspects and the ability to quickly make adjustments as needed.”

Omnitracs also previewed several products and features still in development.

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Omnitracs launches Application That Combines Routing, Complianc

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